8. Task scheduler

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The RouterOS system is a very flexible environnement to create custom scripts, and it can also be used in combination with a Scheduler.

Cloutik integrates a Task Scheduler in order to offer the same level of flexibility : if you want to reboot a device every week, you have the choice between :

  • creating a Script and a Scheduler direclty on the RouterOS device with your favorite tool (Winbox, Webfig)
  • creating a Configuration and a Task Scheduler on Cloutik

The advantage of the Cloutik Task scheduler is that you can then apply this operation direclty to one or several devices without the need to configure the scripts and schedulers on each device.

You can also create several schedulers to manage some operations on a given device and execute them with different timings : for example you could reboot the SXT every night, but reset the counters every month.

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