Cloutik is a RouterOS Cloud Controller solution that enables the remote management of any device running the Mikrotik RouterOS, and of course Mikrotik Routerboards.

The vast majority of Mikrotik devices are compatible with Cloutik, starting with some old RB750 to classic RB2011, RB3011, CCR models and hAP/SXT/LtAP Wireless and LTE routers. Actually you can even try with any equipment running RouterOS because it is designed to work to be interoperable with the standard set of features provided with RouterOS.

Most of the features are compatible with old release of RouterOS, but we recommend that you update your Routerboard to the latest firmware version before adopting your device on Cloutik.

Cloutik does not replace Winbox, which remains the most efficient tool to use when your Routerboard is available on your network. However, if you deploy some Routerboards in a remote environment, behind NAT or on LTE networks, then Cloutik will help you to get your hands on your Routerboard in any situation.

Among the features, Cloutik will enable in particular :

Cloutik is designed to be scalable and secure. It aims at enabling as remote management features and automation tasks to ease the system administration tasks.