How it works

Cloutik communicates with your RouterOS device for configuration and logging synchronization whatever the network on which the device is connected. The device remains autonomous but can hence be seen and controlled in multiple deployment scenarios.
Failure proof
Compatible with any network
Enable powerful scripts

Deployment scenarios

Cloutik is used in many countries on many different scenarios : LTE routers, Hotspot services, Managed LAN services, VPN, monitoring and even IoT and Lora networks. The RouterOS environment enables so many features that you will not have enough time to explore all the capabilities.


Professional Services

In order to help you optimize your time and activity, our experts can advise you in the following areas:
The RouterOS has so many features that you can get lost very fast. Our experts can help you with the optimization of your configurations...
RouterOS scripting
The RouterOS enables scripts and schedulers that can automate multiple tasks either for provisioning, monitoring or other automated scenarios. We can help you with their design and deployment.
Custom scenario
Your business might have some specific usage of RouterOS device. We might be able to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quick study.

Latest News

We have some new features coming soon to enable remote Winbox access. Above that, we are also working on new VPN scenarios that will help you to deploy plug&play VPN services for your company or your business customers. Contact us if you want to participate to the Beta trials