Cloutik allows to define a list of operations that you want to achieve on your RouterOS device.

If you want to achieve a standalone operation task, then Webfig is good enough to do it. But Cloutik provides a library of operations that can be applied to any of the device registered, or simultaneously to a a group of devices.

The Cloutik Library provides a set of configuration to enable the Cloutik management features but it also provides some samples for standard operations :

  • achieve a firmware update
  • set your favorite DNS servers
  • set your favorite NTP servers or activate the timezone auto-detect
  • Define a Netwatch Policy
  • Disable or Enable network services

Beyond these configurations, you can create your own library of configurations that will help you for your own use. You can build your configuration with all the functions available with the Mikrotik RouterOS, so there is no real limit, except that you have to be very careful with the syntax. Once you will get your hands on it, you will for sure enjoy the power of this Mikrotik feature.