Cloutik collects regularly multiple health information sent by your RouterOS devices to provide a live dashboard of your Mikrotik network. This mechanism is based on the Cloutik script which is executed regularly by the Cloutik scheduler.

Cloutik can then see its uptime and when your device sent its last status. So this is not really live but not so far from it

Among the information collected, Cloutik provides the following list

  • Status : status for the VPN link between Cloutik and the device
  • Uptime
  • System : CPU / RAM / HDD space
  • WAN IP address (latest seen) with geolocation details
  • firmware version
  • ast update : date of the latest configuration task
  • Last connection : date of the latest contact between Cloutik and the Device

If you want to get more, you can trigger specific tasks to force the device to send other information within the logging section.