5. Health and Traffic information

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The RouterOS system provides full visibility of the downlink and uplink traffic consumed on all interfaces : ethernet, wlan, lte, ppp and others.

The Cloutik script GetHealthCloutik retrieves both the device resource information (CPU, RAM, Storage) and can also provide the traffic information from the WAN Ethernet interface thanks to the GetHealth script.

The download and upload values are displayed in the Devices dashboard, and you can also visualize the traffic evolution in the Health section for each device.

By default, this script gets the traffic information from the default WAN interface ether1. If your WAN interface is another Ethernet interface than ether1, you will have to adapt this script with the correct WAN interface.

You cannot define in the GetHealthCloutik the LTE interface as WAN reference to retrieve the trafic counters, because RouterOS does (so far) allow to extract the trafic counters only from Ethernet interfaces.

Note also that the RouterOS system will also reset the trafic counters when the device reboots. Then if you see in the Health section of the device that it went back to zero, it means that the device has rebooted. It can also be a strategy to reboot the device on a monthly basis to compare the trafic consumption to the one billed by your Internet provider.

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