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Each Cloutik account has a dedicated file Directory. It is used to store some files associated to your devices, including

  • backup configuration files
  • files uploaded by a device after an operation such as a scan
  • files to be downloaded with a configuration template

When clicking on “Backup” the device will upload its configuration in the corresponding directory.

To achieve a file upload, you need to define an operation that is generating an action followed by an upload. You can for example do a Wireless or LTE scan and send the result in a dedicated file.

The following configuration gives an example of a Wireless scan on both 2.4G and 5G bands for a 5sec duration, followed by an upload on Cloutik :

# Launch a Wireless Scan on WLAN1 and WLAN2 for 5sec
# Be careful the AP will stop serving the clients during the scan
/interface wireless scan wlan1 rounds=1 save-file=wscan-wlan1.conf duration=5s;
/interface wireless scan wlan1 rounds=1 save-file=wscan-wlan2.conf duration=5s;
:delay 6s;
/tool fetch address="" src-path=wscan-wlan1.conf user="user" mode=ftp password="pwd" dst-path="Scans/wscan-wlan1.conf" upload=yes;
/tool fetch address="" src-path=wscan-wlan2.conf user="user" mode=ftp password="pwd" dst-path="Scans/wscan-wlan2.conf" upload=yes;
/log info "Wireless scan uploaded";

The size of the Directory space is limited and depends on your Cloutik license.

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